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Written by Morgue Anne

The Modified Dolls is a non profit organization and modeling collective that supports a different charity each month. I had a chance to talk with Holly, Founder of TMD and President of the Board of Directors about what it means to be a “Doll”. 


Morgue Anne: What is “Modified Dolls”?

Holly: The Modified Dolls are “The different Making a Difference.” We are a not for profit charity org based out of Washington State with chapter located worldwide.  Each month we pick a different charity or charities to support. We fundraise, spread awareness, and focus our magazine and its articles and photos around the charity theme. Our ultimate goal is to demolish the negative stereotypes associated with being a modified woman.

MA: What does it mean to be a Modified Doll?

Holly: A Modified Doll is held to a high standard. We want to show people that not all modified women fit one predetermined stereotype. We are mothers, daughters, doctors, lawyers, artist, and everywhere in between. Just because we have modified bodies does not mean we have a modified heart! :)

MA: How does one become a Modified Doll? How do you select girls and eliminate others? 

Holly: We have an application process. If more than half of our admin team says “yes” to your app you are put into a probationary group for a week to two weeks. There you learn our rules, requirements, and make sure you can live up to the standard of being a Doll. If you are accepted the only reasons for removal are illegal activity, drama, not meeting sharing and donating requirements,  or simply not participating.

MA: What inspired the creation of Modified Dolls?

Holly: I had been in a few modified women modeling groups. It just seemed so shallow to me. It was nothing but the same old thing. I myself am a mother to 5 and a nurse at a cancer center. I was tired of the negative stereotypes surrounding me solely due to the fact that I have art. So the two things came together and I formed the Dolls! :)

Holly Duncan, founder of The Modified Dolls.

MA: How does your organization work? How do you go from pretty girls to charitable organizations?

Holly: Well thank you for calling us pretty! But that definitely is NOT what we are about. We are ALL about the charity work. That is our focus, our goal, and our passion! Each chapter organizes at LEAST a monthly fundraiser in there area and we also do internet fundraisers often that EVERYONE can participate in.

MA: How do you compare yourself to other alternative model collectives like Suicide Girls?

Holly: There is no comparison really. We are modified women breaking stereotypes by being positive members of our communities. We do charity work and promote knowledge. No offense at all to anyone, but groups like that encourage a negative stereotype.

MA: How do you select charities?

Holly: We have to plan ahead 2 years per state regulations at this point. The girls throw in ideas of things that have personally affected them or they have a passion for. Then the Board of Directors goes over them and places them in the month that best suits what we are trying to accomplish with that charity. Chapters also often do charity work for local org’s on top of our selected nationwide charity of the month to be able to make a difference locally as well.

MA: How often do you as a group host events?

Holly: That’s kind of hard to answer. We have yet to have a USA meeting of the Dolls, but active chapters hold events at least monthly and we hold online events monthly. In January the Washington Dolls held 3 events including a charity rock show. It really just depends on the month and the chapter.

MA: What has been your favorite event thus far?

Holly: My personal favorite event was our Toys for Tot collection in Washington. We had Santa there and the Marines in their HumVee.  It was a very fun, successful, family oriented event. Second would have to be the Zombie Walk we helped with for Brain Cancer which is turning into an annual event! :)

MA: How many chapters are there?

Holly: 18 Official Chapters in the USA…with dolls in 40 states. Chapters in Australia, UK, Canada, Jordan, South Africa, Costa Rica and New Zealand

MA: How often does the magazine come out and where can we buy it?

Holly: The magazine comes out between the 5th and the 10th of each month and you can purchase it from our website at www.ModifiedDolls.org or from www.magcloud.com and just search TMD!

MA: What has been your proudest moment as the Founder of TMD?

Holly: I think it was when I really saw it all coming together. I saw the difference we where making. I saw the difference we where making not only to the people we where supporting but also in my Dolls. I think it’s the mommy in me, it makes me proud when people say my influence helped them to be a better person. It’s probably the biggest compliment a person can ever receive.

MA: Who is your charity this month and how can we help?! National Eating Disorders Association, NEDA. www.nationaleatingdisorders.org  Check out there website! Buy our mag, check out our website atwww.ModifiedDolls.org and our facebook www.facebook.com/themodifieddollsorg and help us get the word out there!


The Georgia Peach Modified Dolls. Photography by No Rest Photography

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