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Written by Mandy McGee

A few weeks ago I went to the art opening at Ltd. Art Gallery for “Hey Geek Girl”, art by geek girls of geek girl icons. The show was guest curated by the awesomeness that is Bonnie Burton. It is her first time curating a show and I think she did an amazing job. 

Here are some of my photos of opening night:

Art by Melissa Monosmith

Art by Jessicka Adams

Me and Bonnie

The show will be on display until June 10th at the Ltd. Art Gallery, 307 E Pike ST, here in Seattle (across the street from Six Arms). If you are in the area I highly recommend checking it out. You can purchase pieces from at the gallery or on their site.

Ltd. Art Gallery

And if anyone wants to buy me either of these…I won’t turn it down.

Art by Lauren Gregg

Art by Mona Collentine

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