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By Morgue Anne

imagePhoto by Morgue Anne

Seattle’s Mercury at Machinewerks is a place that is either packed or empty, but rarely in between. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the first Black List show managed to bring in a good crowd to fill the place out without limiting the ability to get a drink in a reasonable amount of time. This was a good sign not only for the performances ahead but the continuing future of the night.

"There just isn’t anywhere good for local musicians to perform" audio engineer Jades Pain said "It’s time to make our own." And so they have.

With a short but sweet lineup of Dark Matter Noise, Mixed Messages, and Grasp Logic playing live music with DJ Major Tom spinning the spooky tunes in between, few people walked in the door with low expectations. Certainly no one was disappointed. The intimacy of the Mercury’s space allowed everyone in attendance a perfect seat no matter where they stood, and the small bags of candy placed on every table were a subtle but effective ice breaker. Dark Matter Noise started the night off with a bang, letting the early arrivers know that this was not going to be a calm, quiet evening at the goth club. This is the time, and the place, to rock.

As the night went on, Wesley, the lead singer of Mixed Messages, took advantage of the close proximity during his set and pulled people from the audience forward, encouraging them to dance. Finally realizing it would take more than just good music to wake up the crowd, he stole the show by lifting a keyboard above his head and smashing it on the ground, inviting everyone to take part in the destruction. As someone who has always nurtured a gleam of punk rock spirit in my heart, I didn’t let my heels stop me from have a little fun helping the equipment quickly disintegrate into a thousand pieces.

Once the wreckage was cleared away and the stage reset, Grasp Logic taught everyone that appearance isn’t everything and rocked out far harder than two men, a keyboard, and some computers should have any right to. I was only disappointed in the fact that their equipment prevented them from being able to move more, as the few dance steps front-man Garrett pulled out were pretty impressive and would have been far more entertaining in front of the table rather than behind it. But given the physical limitations caused by making his music happen, I was even more impressed by their determination to give their audience a fantastic show as they carried straight through technical difficulties and proved that they have what it takes to help make Black List a night to remember.

The evening wrapped up perfectly with a final setlist from DJ Major Tom which you can find on his facebook page. I am happy to have been able to attend the first Black List show and am looking forward to many more in the future. This is the event the Seattle music scene has been desperately begging for, and it warms my cold heart to see it come to fruition. Just remember - we as the fans have just as much a responsibility to the scene as the bands do. Don’t stay in this Friday night, go support some local music. It will cost less than the sandwich you had for lunch and stay with you far longer.

Black List is fifth Wednesdays at the Mercury @ Machinewerks. The next one will be held May 29th. You can find Mixed Messages, Grasp Logic, and Dark Matter Noise on facebook to learn more info and find out about upcoming shows.

You can also find out more about Mercury at Machinewerks nights go to their facebook for a full list.

A couple of Mercury nights have their own facebook pages. You can follow those pages separately.

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