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Written By Grace Ibrahim

Chances are you haven’t heard of the band Beatnik Termites. I hadn’t either till a few weeks ago , but the Termites have been around 20 years garnering praise from fellow musicians and fans world wide alike. The Beatnik Termites started in 1987 with three college friends in Ohio, Pat Termite–Lead vocals and guitar, Reggie Silvestri-Drums, and Brian McCafferty-Vocals and bass. They were inspired by classic punk sounds, Doo-Wop, Surfer, and blends like barbershop and girl groups.

To me they sound very much like the Ramone’s meets cool 50’s music, in a kind of Doo-Wop punk, so it was love at first listen. They have twenty-six releases to date and though their line up has changed a few times (Currently consisting of Pat Termite and Ricky McArthur) their signature sound has stayed intact. They played with such bands as Green Day on the ground breaking “Dookie” tour which brought Pop-Punk to the world stage. However their first full tour was with Marky Ramone’s band The Intruders. Marky was so impressed that he asked Pat to co-author a song on Marky Ramone’s “The Answer To Your Problems” album, and Kurt Cobain listed Beatnik Termites as one of his favorite bands (this can be seen in the Cobain diaries that was released in the early 2000’s)

Their latest release ”Girl Crazy!” came out in 2003 and with 26 releases under their belt they have been ruling the underground punk scene for 20 years. I am hoping that I can drag these Beatnik Termites into the light of day and help them on the journey to their dream of having a Weird Al parody a song of theirs!