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Written by Morgue Anne and Mandy McGee

Vaginal Fantasy Hangout is an online book club based in Google+ featuring four of the most renowned women of the geek universe - Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton, and Kiala Kazabee. Their monthly gatherings dive into what many people consider to be a shallow genre but they see as an enjoyable reflection of ourselves. They often find the strangest and most spectacular Science Fiction Romance novels to discuss, bringing Vaginal Fantasy to your computer screen as well as encouraging the idea of reading for pleasure.

PS This was me and Morgue Anne’s first time at trying to record a google hangout and lots of technical things were against us. SIGH. Apologies for the laggy video and poor quality. We even tried to ADR what we could and the program we used (BB Flashback) cut out on several parts of the recording which we had to try and piece together. My friend, Javier Caceres, tried his best to help us edit and really made it all come together since I had no idea what the hell I was doing. We learned a lot and if and when we do another video interview we will do much better. Thanks for watching/listening and read the blog (we post new stuff every Wednesday). Also the answer to the last question in the video “Did Felicia get pushed in the pool in high school” is NO. That question got cut out during the recording. I do not recommend using BB Flashback ever!

Check out the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout every last Monday of the month.


This video was made for Extollere. Please give proper credit if you share this video. Please let us know if and where you would like to share it; be courteous.

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Written by Mandy McGee

Between 1897 and 1917, New Orleans’ scandalous Red Light District flourished with sexual deviants in a place called Storyville. There was a place even more seductive right outside Storyville called Stor-Evil. It was the sofisticated home of the most advanced purveyors of filth. The wealthy, the powerful and black hearted villians frequented this home which was called Rubber Bordello. Take a look an intimate look inside and be aroused and shocked by America’s most deviant sexual practices. “This shocking film will tantalize and arouse, but is not for the faint of heart.”

This is not your average BDSM porn film. It is artsy and plays on all fetishes. It features ragtime music composed by NoFx’s Fat Mike (with help from Dustin Lanker of Mad Cadies and Cherry Poppin’ Daddies) and written/directed/stars (girlfriend) Soma Snakeoil.

CREDITS:Snakeoil Media Presents Rubber Bordello • Written and Directed by Soma Snakeoil • Cinematography Jim Powers • Filmed at Dungeon Corp • Music by Fat Mike and Dustin Lanker • Cover design by circus hooker smut regime

To take a look further into this amazing film and read more about the cast and crew go to rubberbordello.com/

Written by Grace Ibrahim

Benjamin Linden is a photographer from Virginia with a unique vision (and often times twisted) of contemporary portraits. He is fascinated with outrageous themes and exquisite fetishism. His work is a broad spectrum of the bizarre, creepy and gothic.

Grace Ibrahim for Extollere: It has now been six years since you started Benjamin Linden Photography How are you feeling about it now?
Ben Linden: Damn. Has it been that long? I’m still feeling pretty psyched about it. I always love shooting with people that I’ve worked with before, but I always look forward to meeting and shooting with new people. There is always fresh ideas or concepts that I want to do. I’m still loving every minute of it

GI: Are you happy with the way things have gone?
BL: Very much so. Things have progressed naturally and at a good pace. Every once in a while, there is a new skill that I want to learn, either on the computer or on location with certain settings. I learn them on my own time and it’s much easier learning that way for me.

GI: Have you learned anything cool lately?
BL: I’ve been learning how to create space/planet landscapes digitally in Photo-shop. Some of those images that others have created are absolutely breathtaking. I hope to be as good one day.

GI:Anything to tell your self from six years ago?
BL:Get a Mac now instead of waiting 3 years! Lol

GI: How about 6 years in the future?
BL: In six years, I hope that I still love doing photography. Photography and music are my main outlets for being creative. I can’t imagine not doing either one, so I really hope that my passion never goes away.

GI: Who would you say has influenced you most musically and in your art ?
BL:I would say musically: Metallica, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Tom Waits, VNV Nation, Rammstein and many others more. Artistically, I am influenced by Charles Gatewood, Eric Kroll, Collin J. Rae, Chad Michael Ward, David Hilton, H.R. Giger, David Lynch, and Philip K. Dick. I never really know where to stop when asked that type of question.

GI: Where are you from?
BL: I spent my first years near Arlington, VA but I spent most of my time growing up in King George, VA.

GI: How was it?
BL: Good, but boring at sometimes. King George was so small that you had to travel to the next county just to get to a Wal-Mart. But it was safe for the most part. I met a lot of my dearest friends during my time in KG. I’m now living with my wife in a small town in Virginia called Scottsville, which is about 17 miles south of Charlottesville.

GI: Where are you going or do you think you are here to stay?
BL: I think we’ll be in Virginia for a good while to come. We spent about 4 years in Colorado and while it was a great experience to go there, there’s no place quite like home.

GI: Why photography and music?
BL: Most of my family have been musicians, so I was always around it growing up. I learned how to play trumpet in 5th grade and continued playing trumpet until 12th grade. When I discovered Metallica, I knew I wanted to play guitar. A lot of friends I knew were also interested in playing guitar, so I made a choice to learn bass guitar instead of a regular six string. I picked up my first bass when I was 14. Haven’t stopped since. My father in addition to playing music was also a hobbyist photographer and I first got introduced to the world of photography by him when I was around 13 or so. I never really got back into it again until 2005 when I bought my first camera. The rest as they say is history.

GI: what is a message you have for our readers?
BL: Be excellent to each other! Life is nothing if you have to go at it alone. Being around good people has saved my life many times. Be good to people, and you’ll never be alone.

GI: Is there a memorial set up for your nieces ? (Read the article here)
BL: Any memorial donations can be made out to the Cherub School 3263 Old Church Rd. Mechanicsville, VA 23111. This is where they went to pre school.

GI: The out pouring of support from the area for your family was quite large, and I understand that you made a tribute video for the girls is it on your website ?
BL: I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the love and support. It really meant the world to my family and I. I did make a video. It’s only on my Facebook page right now.

GI: Has this tragedy effected your art or has your art helped you to deal with this?
BL: It has helped me deal with it more, particularly through music. My band mates have been especially supportive during this time and through music, I am able to release a lot of anger and rage that I can’t release anywhere else.

GI: What is the name of your band?
BL:I’m currently doing vocals for Sawbone Suicide

GI: Our goal at Extollere is to showcase independent art in all forms. We seek to present a Sex positive view but not a sex-centric one, believing that all things can be created with love. Many of your photos are shot beautifully in a sex positive light. Do you have any thing to say to our readers about this?
BL: Many things are beautiful in this world, even things that arouse our body as well as our minds. I would say that one should always remember that things, no matter how erotic or plain, should be seen as a beautiful thing first.

GI: How can our readers contact you about your work, do you have a website?
BL: I’m currently working on my own website, but you can also find my work at facebook.com/benjaminlindenphotography and at modelmayhem.com/benjaminlindenphotography.