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Written by Grace Ibrahim

Do you love beautiful men? Do you love beautiful women that are really men? Do you love breathtaking music and symphonic rock? If you answered yes to any of these questions do I have the music genre for you! Welcome to the magical world if Visual Kei or VK as it is referred to by fans.

VK seeks to blend a breathtaking and unique visuals with equally breathtaking and unique sounds. They do this remarkably well some of the most talented and beautiful musicians I have ever seen are part of the VK scene.

Visual Kei started in Japan about fifteen years ago from Japaneses rock bands like X-Japan and Buck-Tick. Over time more theatrics were added as well as makeup and dresses morphing VK into what it is today. So to introduce you to the scene cause I am rabid about getting converts to VK like a cult leader with cool-aide! So with out further adieu here are four bands you should check out.

Versailles Philharmonic Quintet

Stylized as Versailles after the french palace of the sun king Louise the XIV their costumes are fantastically well done. Every album they release has a story, and there fans are refereed to as descendants of the rose. Versailles is comprised of Kamijo on Vocals, Hizaki on Guitar, Teru on Guitar, Masashi on Bass and Yuki on Drums. Versailles latest album Rose was released at the beginning of July. This video Aristocratic Symphony I feel will give you a great taste of their music I hope you enjoy!

Matenrou Opera

Matenrou Opera which translates to Skyscraper Opera, formed in late 2006 and became active in 2007. I saw them live at AnimeUSA and they were amazing! Their show was high energy and they are so talented! I hope to see them again. They are on the Sherrow Artists society record label that is run by Kamijo of Versailles. They just went Major last year so they are still relatively unknown this is kinda nice as you can still meet them and take pictures etc. after shows. Matenrou Opera is Sono on Vocals, Ayame on Keyboards. Anzi on Guitar, Yo on Bass and Yu on Drums. This song Helios is a great intro to them I fully expect you to fall in love.


A – Anonymous Confederate Ensemble stylized as A(ACE) Became active in 2008. Their characters are pirates! And there latest album Tales For the Abyss came out June 30th. A(ACE) is still a relatively new band so there is not much information to be found on them yet. They are currently conducting a European tour. The band members are Nimo on Vocals, Mucho Gracious on Guitar and Rookie Fiddler on Violin. This song Black Butterfly less pirate than they are now but no videos from there new album have been released yet.


Royz debuted in September 2008 and is currently touring Japan, not much is known of them in the west yet but there sound is good and I expect them to go far. Their line up is Subaru on Vocals, Kuina on Guitar, Kazuki on Guitar, Koudai on Bass and Tomoya on Drums, This song is called Ever.