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By Mandy McGee

Here are a couple of campaigns in need of donations. Take a look and support independent arts!

The Austin, TX based band, Tele Novella, are in need of help getting a tour van. Touring can get pricey and being an independent or DIY band means you are paying for everything out of pocket with the hopes of making some money or at least breaking even. One of the biggest price tags can be renting a van to carry all your equipment and your band as well as all the gas it takes for said van. Take a look at their Indiegogo campaign

Do you remember the theme song to Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Well that was 90s sensation Nerf Herder! They are on a mission to make a new record…FINALLY!!! Help support them in their efforts via their pledge music campaign

By Mandy McGee


I recently took footage from a Golden Gardens show I filmed and made a new music video for them. It is from an older album of theirs, Between the Siren and the Amulet. Golden Gardens is a Seattle based dreampop band that mixes velvety ambiance, mysterious melodies and haunting voices to calm your senses.

Here is the video for the song “The Golden Dawn”.

Golden Gardens-The Golden Dawn from Mandy McGee on Vimeo.

*Click the vimeo to see it bigger and in better quality

By Mandy McGee

I am so excited I was able to sit down and chat up photographer April Eddleton. As a photographer myself I love picking the brains of other photographers. I have known April for a while now, she and I grew up in the same area, and I have been following her creative journey and am very proud of her and the work she has done. 


(Photo of April Eileen by April Dorothea)

Mandy: How long have you been doing photography and how did you get started? 

April: I’ve been doing photography professionally for a little over 2 years now. I started in high school by taking photo journalism. I really miss the dark room!

Mandy: How would you describe your style?

April: All over the place! I love to create! Lately I’ve been working on more and more headpieces and jewelry to go along with the shoots I’ve thought up. Lately I’ve been more in to editorial style photos, but I work with a lot of more alternative models, so people have come to know me for my more edgy styles. 

Mandy: How did you learn photography school or self taught? 

April: Well, I took photo journalism in high school. However, over the years I had forgotten most of what I had learned, as I didn’t really practice it until recently. So I had to re-learn everything. A lot was self taught via Google, as well as a few amazing friends giving me advice along the way. But mostly just from getting out there and just doing it. You’re going to make mistakes, and not every shoot will turn out the way you see it in your mind. But as they say, practice makes perfect! So getting out there and shooting, any chance you get, is the best teacher there is.

Mandy: Have you always wanted to do photography? 

April: I’ve been taking pictures since I was in elementary school. As a child, I almost always had a disposable camera on me, or a bag full of film. But I never really thought of it as something I wanted to do for a living until I was forced to make a change in my career. I worked at Geico for a long time, but due to kidney failure, was forced to go on disability. The first few months were rough, going crazy sitting at home (I am forever on the go) so I decided to pick my camera back up and haven’t put it down since! The health issues are still here, I am still on dialysis, but I found the silver lining in it- I rediscovered my passion for photography and art. Now I am doing what I truly love for a living!


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By Mandy McGee

Tele Novella just released their newest video for the single “Trouble in Paradise” on their fourthcoming Cosmic Dial Tone EP, which is due out on June 14 on Lolipop Records. The Austin based psych-pop band combines classic ’60s rhythms with macabre undertones.

Tele Novella // Trouble In Paradise from tina rivera on Vimeo.

By Mandy McGee (via One Kings Lane)

How To Create a Folding Screen
Using wallpaper and simple wooden closet doors from the hardware store, our stylist Anthony Santelli created a gorgeous folding screen.

Click here for the full list of materials needed and instructions on how to make this fabulous project.

By Mandy McGee

Wilmington, Delaware’s Teen Men has a new video, an EP and they are going on a mini tour with Work Drugs. Teen Men are Catharine (a photographer), Albert (a filmmaker, who has done videos for Spinto Band and Ra Ra Riot), and Nick and Joe (from Spinto Band). They mix synth, samples and ambient tones in perfect crafted pop songs. Live they have a projector with interactive visuals.

I am posting their newest video as well as another video from a month or so ago that I didn’t around to posting for you. Their EP is free for download on their Bandcamp til the 19th of April and if you are on the east coast check out one of their shows; they are opening for Work Drugs.

Apr 11 Boot and Saddle Philadelphia, PA
Apr 12 Union Pool Brooklyn, NY
Apr 16 Bug Jar Rochester, NY
Apr 17 Rumba Cafe Columbus, OH
Apr 18 Underground Lounge Chicago, IL
Apr 19 The Basement Nashville, TN