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By Mandy McGee

Singer-Songwriter, Meiko, has been doing quite well for herself since her album “The Bright Side” came out. She has been touring non stop, doing live internet shows and getting a song in a commercial. She now has a new EP, that came out yesterday, called “You And ME”. I am so excited to download and listen to it! I hope you are to. She is an amazingly talented woman.

Last year I interviewed Meiko. You can read that interview here!

Here is the email she sent out to her fans…

"Hi there!

I hope 2013 has been great for you so far!

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, I’ve decided to put out a little EP
featuring some love songs I recently recorded :)

The YOU AND ME EP features a couple of remakes I’m really proud of -
my interpretations of the old standards “The Very Thought Of You” and 
"Our Love Is Here To Stay".

I’ve also included stripped-down acoustic versions of my songs “Stuck
On You” and “Leave the Lights On”, as well as the original version of
"I’m In Love".

I hope you enjoy the tunes - hopefully it’ll be playing in the
background of something romantic you’re planning ;)”


To download the new EP at iTunes, click here: 

To get a free download of “Stuck On You (acoustic version),” drop by:
You can also download it from here if the above link does not work.
If you don’t have her album, “The Bright Side”, then, you should get it. Here is free download of “Leave the Lights on” EP.

Written by Mandy McGee

I first saw and met Meiko about a year ago when she opened for the band Hanson. I was totally blown away by her performance and had to meet her. I have been following along with her blog and recently saw her again here in Seattle. We had a blast doing a last min photo shoot the morning after the show and then walked around Pike Place for a little while. On her blog she says she is a “Sing, Songwriter, Shit Talker, Lover, Fighter, Over user of the word Balls”; which cracks me up, but she is also one of the sweetest down-to-earth gals I have ever had the pleasure working/hanging out with. She has amazing stage presence, she’s funny and has a beautiful voice. I am so happy I got to interview her. I highly recommend buying her newest album and seeing her live when you can.

Mandy: For my readers that may not know you, who is Meiko?
Meiko: I am a singer songwriter from Roberta, Georgia.

Mandy: How long have you been doing music?
Meiko: Professionally about 5 years.

Mandy: Have you always wanted to be a musician?
Meiko: Yes- I’ve always loved to sing!

Mandy: Are their any other musicians in your family?
Meiko: My dad plays guitar and sings, but is really shy about it! He plays on the back porch all the time and I grew up listening to him.

Mandy: Is your family supportive of what you do? Have they always been supportive?
Meiko: Yes- Very. My parents are super cool and after I told them that I wanted to move to LA and not go to college, they didn’t bust my balls about it. They were very encouraging.

Mandy: What music influences you?
Meiko: I like big voices like Nina Simone and Billie Holiday. Also, Patty Griffin and Sade.

Photo by Mandy McGee 

Mandy: What bands have you been listening to lately?
Meiko: I like this dude named Buddy! He is awesome and a really good songwriter! Also a band out of SF called Loquat.

Mandy: How would you describe your music?
Meiko: Singer, songwriter girly stuff with a shit talking undertone.

Mandy: Who inspires you? In life and musically?
Meiko: I’m inspired by lots of things- Mainly relationships, past and present :)

Mandy: What equipment do you use, like the best?
Meiko: I play a Gibson B-25. I love it. It’s my baby.

Mandy: Do you remember the first record/tape/CD you bought? What was it of?
Meiko: The first CD I actually bought was the Bodyguard soundtrack. EVERY song on there was awesome!!

Mandy: What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?
Meiko: I sang Run To You by Whitney Houston at a middle school talent show and got a standing ovation. I was so proud!

Me and Meiko

Mandy: How do you write and record your songs? Is there a method from to start to finish or does everything happen organically?
Meiko: Yeah- Usually at weird times in the day, a song will pop up in my head and I’ll get out my guitar and try to figure out how to make it into something.

Mandy: What has been your favourite band to tour with?
Meiko: I love all the bands I’ve been lucky enough to tour with. The people that stick out the most is Mat Kearney, KT Tunstall and Jewel oh and of course Hanson.

Mandy: Who haven’t you played with that you really want play with?
Meiko: Jason Mraz

Mandy: What are your plans with your music this year?
Meiko: My record comes out on May 15th, I’ll probably be touring my butt off from then on for a while…

Photo by Mandy McGee

Mandy: When you are not playing music what are you doing?
Meiko: Cooking, running, or cuddling. (Look up her Famous Turkey Balls)

Mandy: Are their any other projects you are involved with?
Meiko: I am a big fan of the Songs for Kids Foundation. They go around and sing at Children’s Hospitals. It’s a pretty rad charity!

Mandy: What advice do you have for other aspiring musicians?
Meiko: Play anywhere and everywhere! And don’t drink too much on tour.  

Mandy: Where can our readers find out more about you?
Meiko: Meikomusic.com

Buy The Bright Side

Written by Mandy McGee

Meiko is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Georgia and currently residing in L.A. I first saw her open for Hanson’s 2011 “Musical Ride Tour” here in Seattle and fell in love with her music instantly. She recently played a show in Seattle with her dear friend Buddy (another amazing singer/songwriter) and we ended up hanging out and doing an impromptu photoshoot. If you ever get to see her live, do it. She is incredibly cute and funny, telling little stories in between songs on stage and has an amazing voice. Her album, “The Bright Side” was released last week and I am so excited to listen to it. I will be reviewing the new album and conducting an interview with her very soon. Until then, enjoy this little tune.