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By Mandy McGee

Wilmington, Delaware’s Teen Men has a new video, an EP and they are going on a mini tour with Work Drugs. Teen Men are Catharine (a photographer), Albert (a filmmaker, who has done videos for Spinto Band and Ra Ra Riot), and Nick and Joe (from Spinto Band). They mix synth, samples and ambient tones in perfect crafted pop songs. Live they have a projector with interactive visuals.

I am posting their newest video as well as another video from a month or so ago that I didn’t around to posting for you. Their EP is free for download on their Bandcamp til the 19th of April and if you are on the east coast check out one of their shows; they are opening for Work Drugs.

Apr 11 Boot and Saddle Philadelphia, PA
Apr 12 Union Pool Brooklyn, NY
Apr 16 Bug Jar Rochester, NY
Apr 17 Rumba Cafe Columbus, OH
Apr 18 Underground Lounge Chicago, IL
Apr 19 The Basement Nashville, TN

By Mandy McGee

The Dum Dum Girls didn’t just make a video for their new song “Are You Ok” they got Brett Easton Ellis to write a short film for it. It is a surreal and beautiful thriller. See for yourself!

"The psychological thriller, which stars Dee Dee Penny and Shiloh Fernandez, was directed by Brewer (Alt J, Purity Ring, Passion Pit), and produced by Braxton Pope, with additional musical score composed by Tamaryn and Drew McDowall. The video also includes Charles Ray’s artwork Two Boys (2010), courtesy of the artist and Matthew Marks Gallery."

You can also watch a making of the video here:


By Mandy McGee

Music Monday is back finally. Here are a few new videos out from some amazing bands. 

I have spoken of Gretchen Lohse before and this won’t be the last. This new video of “Spider at the Gate” from her debut album Primal Rumble is both mesmerizing and beautiful just like the song. I love the violin in this song. 

Teen Men have a new video and song out called “Rene”. It is a cute video that slightly reminds me of a Wes Anderson film. They are also going on a small tour with Work Drugs on the east coast. Check out the dates and don’t miss them.

Night Terrors of 1927 are a new band out of LA featuring Blake Sennet (The Elected and Rilo Kiley) and Jarrod Gorbel (Honorary Title). The video is creepy but beautiful. I love the pastel colour palette they chose. The music is very different from the bands they have come from, using poppy synths, dramatic guitar and sad romantic lyrics. I am excited for this collaboration between two amazing musicians. Everyone in this band brings something great to the table. Night Terrors are currently on their first tour and have an EP out called Guilty Pleas. Check them out. 

By Mandy McGee

So, this is a little late but it’s here. I have a small list of my favorite albums of 2013. They are in no particular order and it was very hard to narrow it down to just a short list; so much good music last year. I suggest you check out the bands on this list and also find me on various social media to chat about music.


Houses-A Quiet Darkness

This album was inspired by abandoned houses and made into a story about a couple trying to find each other in a post-apocalyptic world. It is tricky making an album that sounds monotonous in tone but Houses makes it work adding in samples they have made, including making drum sounds from light switches, sweeping around dust and stomping on the floor of the abandoned houses they found. This is the perfect album for finding sleep or just calming your mind.


Spinto Band-Cool Cocoon

Their best album yet! I did a review of this when it came out in early 2013. It really shows off their talent in song writing and creative composition. One of my favorite indie pop albums and band!

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By Mandy McGee

Austin, Tx shoegaze band Ringo Deathstarr is releasing a new album called “God’s Dream” is coming out in Japan on December 18th, 2013 and then soon after to the USA and Europe. They have put up the song “Flower Power” from that album to tied you over. Take a listen. 

Do you remember Nerd Punk Rockers Nerf Herder? They had a song on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the theme song! Well they are back. They have a song for free download on Pledge Music and are keeping us in anticipation of amazing things to come. Go download the song and rock out to their 90’s classic video below of their hit “Mr. Spock”.

Light hearted folk country by story teller Laura Shepherd from Virginia has a new video out for the song “Stone Soup”. Take a look at look

By Mandy McGee (via Moon Sounds Records)

I work PR for the label Moon Sounds Records and we have an announcement.


The pre-order for Ceremony’s – ‘Distance ‘is now up!!!

Set to come out December 17th and start shipping December 26th!

Pre-ordering will give you an immediate download of the albums two singles ‘I Want To Kiss ‘and ‘Send Me Your Dreams ‘(Previously only available on the delicious Famous Class Records as part of their LAMC series that Ceremony was a part of as a split 7” with A Place To Bury Strangers) 

The other tracks from the album will be on CD when it comes out and will be available for streaming from our BandCamp page then.

All international orders will come with extras from Moon Sounds to offset the shipping costs. 

Album mastered by Oliver Ackermann (A Place To Bury Strangers /Skywave)

We are so excited to finally bring you this album. It’s been a long time waiting.

Ceremony site

Moon Sounds Records site

By Mandy McGee

I haven’t shared new music in a while because I have been incredibly busy and then I took a much need vacation. I am back in the game and excited to share things with you!


(Photo by Mandy McGee)

Plumerai is a dark dream pop band from Boston, MA who has just released a video for the song “13” off their album MondegreenVocalist Eliza Brown dominates with her sweet jazzy voice in this track leaving you wanting more. The whole album is definitely worth a listen which you can get at their bandcamp.

Plumerai’s Next show is December 20th at Parkside Lounge in New York City.


(Photo by Mandy McGee)

Teen Men is a brand new band out of Delaware comprised of Joe Hobson and Nick Krill from Spinto Band and visual artists Catharine Maloney, a photographer, and Albert Birney, a filmmaker (who has made videos for Spinto Band, Generationals and Ra Ra Riot). They have a great vibrant sound blending electronic samples and ambient accents. Seeing the band live is where it gets more interesting because they use a synchronized video projection that is interactive. If you get the chance to see this band live please do so. It will blow your mind. In the mean time keep up to date with Teen Men as they are working on their first album. Here is the video for “Hiding Records (So Dangerous)” featuring Sylvio.

You can see Teen Men on these next few dates:
December 7th at the Shop in Pittsburgh, PA
December 14th at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, PA
January 17th at Current Gallery in Baltimore, MD 


(Photo by Matt Gaye)

Philadelphia’s psych rock band Needle Points have released their new album, Bom Tugangu, on bandcamp which you can get as a digital download or vinyl. Here is a video they released a month ago for the song "I Drink Rainfalls" off the new album.

You can catch them next at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia on December 12th.

Austin, TX based psych pop band Tele Novella have added a new song to their bandcamp and a new video. Watch the new lo-fi whimsical video for "No Excalibur"

On November 27th they are playing with the amazing Girl in a Coma at Backstage Live in San Antonio, TX.

By Mandy McGee


The Lone Bellow did a video shoot for “Teach Me To Know” with Paste Magazine and Sennheiser USA at Newport Folk Festival

Amazon is also selling The Lone Bellow album for only $5 for a limited time. Click the picture link below to purchase it.

By Mandy McGee

Brian Langan is a musician from Philadelphia, PA. He is more than a musician, he is witty, a true artist and a sex bomb! I was able to catch is fun, witty side in this interview. I highly recommend checking out his numerous projects and see how artistic and sexy he is. Brian really is an amazing musician and has a fabulous voice. HA!


(Photo by Jason Riedmiller)

Mandy: For our readers pleasure who is Brian Langan in a nutshell?

Brian: It’s very tight and dark, it gets hot, real friggin hot!

Mandy: You are in a bunch of different music projects, can you describe them?

Brian: I play fuzzed out loud bass and do some singing about cosmic shit in Needle Points which an experiment in street level boogie.

I play ripper guitar and sing in Sweatheart which a dress up band that kinda sounds like 80’s party movie rock.

I play guitar and LEAD SING in Langor which i guess you’d call my solo project. 60’s fantasy pop/rock type stuff.

I also play dumb guitar and sing in Kock107 a classic rock band in the vein of Foreigner, Bryan Adams and Thin Lizzy. We’re a very sexy band!

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By Mandy McGee

Here is a quick rundown of a few bands I recommend you checking out.

(Photo by Dylan Gordon)

Giant Drag is calling it quits but not before a few new videos surface. Here is one that Annie Hardy did recently for he song “90210”.

You can buy the last Giant Drag album (ever) Waking Up Is Hard To Do on Annie’s Bandcamp. Follow Annie Hardy and the Psychos and Full Psycho Records.

Austin, TX based indie pop band Tele Novella has only a couple of songs up on their soundcloud now but just wait til November…more will be up along with a new vinyl to purchase. You can follow them on twitter or facebook to get updates. Here is a small list of November shows coming up around TX. 

November 9th -Houston- Mango’s
November 10th - San Antonio-Hi Tone’s
November 11th - Denton-Macaroni Island
November 12th - Austin-Hotel Vegas
November 13th - Dallas-The Crown and Harp

Here is a neat video I found filmed by Jim Bailey of Tele Novella performing “Hair of the Dog” at Bows and Arrows in Sacramento, CA on 5-28-13.

(Photo take from the band’s facebook, credit unknown)

The experimental psych band from Philadelphia Needle Points released this gem recently. This is for the song “I Drink Rainfall”. Don’t forget to keep up to date with Needle Points

NEEDLE POINTS from Matt Gaye on Vimeo.

By Morgue Anne

Hello, internet users! Unless you have been living under a rock or been stuck in MySpace, there’s this wonderful thing called Kickstarter that is helping a lot of fantastic artists accomplish their dreams in a way otherwise impossible before the internet. Through the magic of crowdsourcing, these phenomenal creators are working their tushes off to make their wildest fantasies of art a reality. How does it work? Easy! You (yes you) throw in what you can afford to projects that you think should exist in our world, tell all your friends about it by hitting the share buttons (this is very important), and once everyone has done their part, we have all been a piece of something larger than all of us!
Got it? Great! Here’s some projects that could use your skipping a trip to Starbucks to help fund.

Incredible Expeditions

Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? That was a small kickstarter that became a huge phenomenon and is now a common name amongst almost all drinking human beings in the United States. Games are probably about as expensive to make as they are fun to play, and that’s why Liz Spain needs your help to bring this deck of cards she has been play testing for years into the public spectrum.
Yes, they have already reached their goal. This means that you can expect Incredible Expeditions to become a reality soon, but they have set stretch goals so that you can still get one of the first copies of the game and participate in it’s wonderful storytelling with your friends! Imagine hanging out and being the first of your friends to have this game, to be able to say “Oh, you can’t get it in stores yet, I only got a copy because I helped make it”. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? $40 good? Because that’s all it costs to get the game.

Then again, Liz Spain has been cool enough to put up the .pdfs so you can print it from home to play. But you should at least throw in a couple bucks for karma points. Also Extollere’s very own Mandy McGee did the portraits for the game.

… And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Deadimage

Ready to go international? Support some music that will rock your face off? While this isn’t set up on kickstarter proper, Trail of Dead is utilizing pledgemusic.com for their similar formatting to let people pre-order their newest album as a way to ensure it gets made. They have set up their campaign to be the absolute minimum amount they need to make “Tao Part III” a reality and are so close to their goal they can almost taste it! Many of the larger-ticket items have already ‘sold out’ in a sense, but you can still pre-order the album, a signed copy, or even a vinyl version for whatever the exchange rate of pounds to dollars is (1 pound = 1.56 American Dollars). Support some cool music or even a private concert! Only 20 days left on this, go get it while there’s still stuff to grab!

Prom Queen: Midnight Veil

Alright, this one is pretty fucking cool. Prom Queen (band) wants to take the idea of the concept album to a whole new level. They are raising money to make music videos for every single one of the album’s songs to create a work of art you can watch as a film or in individual pieces. Kind of mind blowing, right? This could very well be this generation’s ‘The Wall’ in it’s own right. The great thing is that they have all of experience necessary, it’s all ready to go, all they need is…the money to do it. So close yet so far, Prom Queen has 24 more days to raise $12,000. The album itself is only $10 and the completed DVD is available for $50! That is an amazing dream that is right outside of someone’s grasp and YOU can help put it in their hands. Then again, you could spend that $10 on one more pack of cigarettes (or whatever your vice is). In case I’m not being clear: Go support this kickstarter.

Seattle Geekly Podcast

Back in my early podcasting days, the Seattle Geekly were some of the first podcasts I ever got into. Our paths crossed several times over the years, and I was genuinely sad when I heard they were shutting down their operation. Fortunately, they are so very close to reaching their goal to get the money together for a year of podcast episodes. For only $3,000 they can promise 48 episodes ranging from 45-90 minutes of pure Seattle Geeky goodness. They have only 7 days remaining on their kickstarter, but just over $500 to go! All it takes is for you to give up one trip to the coffee shop and you can have a set of buttons that you get to wear forever and show off how you brought this piece of Seattle culture back to life.

By Nico Ami

imageMishkin Fitzgerald reminds me of so many things: Fiona Apple, Depeche Mode, Regina Spektor, Evanescence, Nicole Blackman, A soulful singer in a slinky dress standing in a too-smokey bar in the 1940s, a depth of sadness that seems almost impenetrable, and a person that seems so fragile that they just might stab you if they get hurt one more time.

Suffice to say, Present Company is a wonderful and incredibly emotionally charged solo album from the lead singer of Birdeatsbaby. The album transitions from softened piano ballads, to dark-wave/early ‘00 alternative blends, to acoustic lamenting ballads. Her voice is spectacular, mournful and wistful, hitting beautiful high notes or dredging down to something slightly grittier. 

Each track has its own very different feel, which both helped and hurt this album. On a song by song basis, this is one of the better albums I’ve heard this year, and definitely was unexpectedly intense. Her lyrics are simple and straightforward in a way that makes them incredibly impactful. You want to sing along to these songs. As an album, the track order really felt disjointed. The songs didn’t seem to flow into one another, leading to something I really wanted to put on random, rather than listen beginning to end.

Every genre she touches on (indie, dark-wave, folk, borderline industrial, pop) she manages deftly. She puts her own spin on each style. She took the best from so many genres and made it her own, in a way that only an incredibly talented musician really can. All in all, this album is more than worth a listen. And when you decide that there are one or two tracks that require being on repeat for the next few days.. You’re welcome.

By Mandy McGee

Hanson is going on tour for their new album, Anthem. They always put on a fantastic show (I have seen them 36 times…go ahead and make fun of me now and get it over with). Anthem is a step away from their last album, Shout It Out, with more aggressive sounds and heavy rock riffs. You can still tell how influenced they are by blues and 50s-60’s rock and roll. I know their live show will still be amazing and a lot of fun. Check them out near you!

They are touring through the end of the year. I have posted only September dates. Go to their website for the full list.

  • Sep 02 Bethlehem, PA-Sands Bethlehem Event Center
  • Sep 04 Richmond VA-The National
  • Sep 06 London, ON, CANADA-Western District Fair
  • Sep 08 Atlanta GA-Variety Playhouse
  • Sep 09 Birmingham AL-Workplay Theatre
  • Sep 10 Nashville TN-Wildhorse Saloon
  • Sep 11 Memphis TN-Minglewood Hall
  • Sep 12 New Orleans LA-House of Blues
  • Sep 15 Austin TX-Antones
  • Sep 16 Dallas TX-House of Blues
  • Sep 17 Albuquerque NM-Kimo Theater
  • Sep 18 Denver CO-Bluebird
  • Sep 20 Salt Lake City, UT-The Depot
  • Sep 21 Las Vegas NV-Fremont Country Club
  • Sep 22 Tucson AZ-Rialto
  • Sep 24 San Diego CA-House of Blues
  • Sep 25 Anaheim CA-House of Blues
  • Sep 26 Los Angeles CA-House of Blues
  • Sep 28 Portland OR-Aladdin
  • Sep 30 Seattle WA-Neumos

By Jason ‘Kantrip’ Calhoun

The Parlour Trick is an ambient chamber music project formed by Meredith Yayanos and Dan Cantrell. The duo does a masterful job of shifting from soft melancholic soundscapes to jangly cabaret pieces without breaking a continuing feel of ghostly regret throughout the album. As I listened, I closed my eyes and felt like I was taken to a lush mansion that would skip between a more romantic time past and forlorn modern day setting. Yayanos and Cantrell did an outstanding job of creating this mental playground for listeners.

Yayanos’ vocals are haunting and I’ve never heard a theremin used so effectively before. The band’s instrumentation is amazing employing the aforementioned theremin, harpsichord, violins, accordion, glockenspiel, and more. The authenticity of the sound is breathtaking. Any digital elements that are in play feel like they are used just for building an atmosphere and even then they are pushed to the back very quickly. It just feels like all broken beauty with no real story or tragedy to give it a reason to leave a lasting impression.

I can’t help but feel that if A Blessed Unrest had a stronger narrative (or any narrative) running through it, it would easily be one of my top 10 albums of the year. Overall, I like this album; at the end of the day I can’t find any major complaints with The Parlour Trick

Let us know what you think!

You can also buy "A Blessed Unrest" poster by Ellen Rogers and PRIZME

By Mandy McGee


Fredericksburg, VA noise-pop band Ceremony put out a limited edition tape cassette single on Moon Sounds records. You can purchase a copy and receive a digital download along with it. It comes with two tracks, “I Want to Kiss” (which will be on the upcoming Ceremony album Distance) and “Down On Me”. Go to Moon Sounds Bandcamp to get this amazing limited edition cassette, their are only 100 copies. Take a listen to more tracks from Ceremony on their soundcloud


Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene) recently released a new album, Paracosm. It is full of synth, psychedlic pluses and warm reverb. I have had this album on repeat. Paracosm is an any time of the day chill-wave album. Here is the video for the single “Don’t Give Up”. Washed Out is currently on tour; don’t miss a live show. You can also purchase the new album via Sub Pop.