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By Mandy McGee

Music Monday is back finally. Here are a few new videos out from some amazing bands. 

I have spoken of Gretchen Lohse before and this won’t be the last. This new video of “Spider at the Gate” from her debut album Primal Rumble is both mesmerizing and beautiful just like the song. I love the violin in this song. 

Teen Men have a new video and song out called “Rene”. It is a cute video that slightly reminds me of a Wes Anderson film. They are also going on a small tour with Work Drugs on the east coast. Check out the dates and don’t miss them.

Night Terrors of 1927 are a new band out of LA featuring Blake Sennet (The Elected and Rilo Kiley) and Jarrod Gorbel (Honorary Title). The video is creepy but beautiful. I love the pastel colour palette they chose. The music is very different from the bands they have come from, using poppy synths, dramatic guitar and sad romantic lyrics. I am excited for this collaboration between two amazing musicians. Everyone in this band brings something great to the table. Night Terrors are currently on their first tour and have an EP out called Guilty Pleas. Check them out. 

By Mandy McGee

So, this is a little late but it’s here. I have a small list of my favorite albums of 2013. They are in no particular order and it was very hard to narrow it down to just a short list; so much good music last year. I suggest you check out the bands on this list and also find me on various social media to chat about music.


Houses-A Quiet Darkness

This album was inspired by abandoned houses and made into a story about a couple trying to find each other in a post-apocalyptic world. It is tricky making an album that sounds monotonous in tone but Houses makes it work adding in samples they have made, including making drum sounds from light switches, sweeping around dust and stomping on the floor of the abandoned houses they found. This is the perfect album for finding sleep or just calming your mind.


Spinto Band-Cool Cocoon

Their best album yet! I did a review of this when it came out in early 2013. It really shows off their talent in song writing and creative composition. One of my favorite indie pop albums and band!

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By Mandy McGee

So much amazing music and new videos are being released. I will try and get them all soon, but for now here are a few video premieres.


Polyphonic Spree recently released Yes, It’s True and along with it is a video for the song “Let Them Be” directed by Seattle’s Friends and Family Band front man Ben Violet Rowe. Other than their holiday album they have not released a new album since 2007’s The Fragile Army. I unfortunately had to miss their show in Seattle with Friends and Family Band opening. They are still on tour and you should check them out. Their live show is so beautiful (from what I remember seeing them back in 2004)! 

"This is a narrative of conscious devolution. Our hero moves against the grain to return to origin rather than participate in civilized institutions. I would say that it’s a video in defense of taking a day and staying in bed. Sometimes." - Benjamin Violet Rowe 

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By Mandy McGee


Spinto Band has announced several shows coming up with mewithoutYou on the east coast. If you are in any of those areas I highly recommend you see them; they put on a fantastic live show.

By Mandy McGee

I found a few lovely gems for you on this glorious Monday. Here are a few bands who have released brand new music videos. 

First up we have We Are The Physics. A punk rock band from Glasgow, Scotland who center around themes of science (mostly)! Because….SCIENCE!!! This is their newest video for the song Goran Ivanisevic. 

Check them out for more music and info on their official website

Piney Gir, Kansas born and living in London, roles out the sweet 60’s sugar pop in this new video. It is also complete with a B-Horror movie plot….vampires in the sun though? Still cute and fun. 

Want more Piney Gir?

Last for today is a new amazing animated video from Spinto Band. I have posted several articles on this band in the past. Spinto Band is a DIY band from Delaware with catchy pop songs. They always have awesome videos and most of them are made by Albert Birney with other Spinto collaborators. Check out this video for the song for Amy + Jen. It was made with Mario Paint, green screen video, and it is 80stastic!

Stay up to date with what is going down at Spinto HQ.

By Mandy McGee

Delaware’s Spinto Band has done it again! I’ve been listening to Cool Cocoon, their fourth album, non-stop since its February 4th release.  It is a unique departure from their previous work while retaining all of the energy that we know and love. Their talent still blows my mind. 


Cool Cocoon is well crafted indie pop, carefully constructed melodies and emotional lyrics wrapped up in eclectic compositions. Nice and Nicely Done and Moonwink were both very pop, danceable, and had NES sound bites that made me so happy! They were goofy and mature at the same time and made me think about the happy times I had in my childhood (mostly of playing video games). Shy Pursuit felt like a great follow up album to the previous two. They played around with more sounds, instruments and ways to record. The album was all over the place pulling from different eras, being one of the most eclectic albums I have heard; it was still very cohesive. Cool Cocoon is similar but much more melodic and calming. Songs like “Memo,” “Look Away,” “Static,” and “Enemy” are soft and peaceful. The poppy songs that will put a spring in your step are “Amy + Jen,” “What I Love,” “She Don’t Want Me” and “Na Na Na.”

My personal favourite is “Shake It Off” which is the track that starts the album. It is complete with low end piano sounds, Nick Krill’s crooning voice, and thoughtful lyrics. It is very catchy and sets a great tone for the rest of the album. I am very happy to hear Joey Hobson singing again. He pulls out his beautiful vibrating vocals on “Memo” and “Static.” Both songs are reminiscent of the band Built to Spill. This album definitely takes you on an emotional journey through love, heartache and dreams. It ends with the soothing cabaret-like beats, 50’s swing guitar, and the harmonious vocals of Thomas Hughes.

imageCool Cocoon is the most mature album Spinto Band has released. You can really hear from album to album their songs and they way the record them has gotten tighter and more inventive. They record everything themselves in their home studio for Spintonic Records. If you are a fan already you will like this album. If you are just starting out listening to Spinto Band I recommend listening to all of their albums (of course I would recommend that, they are awesome). If you like bands like Built to Spill, Sufjan Stevens and the Beatles you will like this album. Earlier recordings definitely have a Bishop Allen feel.

The one thing you can also count on with Spinto Band is consistent poppy songs that are quirky and fun. I honestly can say I think they are one of the best bands out there. They stay true to who they are and are unique in their own way. I will also say that everything I have ever heard from this band sounds particularly crafted and deliberate. They know what they are doing.They are not just another indie pop band.

Spinto Band Website

Spinto Twitter 

By Mandy McGee

I was not on the internet much today but I managed to pop on and find a few things that I want to share with you. 

Emerald City Comic Con is a little over a month away and all of us nerds are gearing up. Espionage Cosmetics is one of my favourite places to get make-up. This year they are running an ECCC special. If you pre-order the new EC Collector’s Edition you will get a Lady Espionage poster from their latest promo. The collection will be available exclusively at ECCC, but if you can’t make it to the convention and still want the collection then email them. at ORDERS@EspionageCosmetics.com.image

I have not had a chance to sit down and really dive into the new Spinto Band album, Cool Cocoon, but from what I have heard so far is pretty amazing. They released a new video for the song “What I Love”. It involves a paper cut out gymnast, breakfast and dancing; all done in stop motion. Spinto Band always has the best and creative videos!  

I have been following this photographer for a while now and the pictures she has posted recently I felt just had to be shared with the world. I have never not liked a photo of hers, but the new set I found just takes my breath away. They remind me of some pictures I have seen of Maya Deren. Living in Charlottesville, VA, Jyoti Sackett uses natural light and brilliant imagination to create haunting and intimate photos. You can see more of her stuff on Facebook.image


Copyright Jyoti Scakett, Model Katie Grammer

By Mandy McGee

Here is a new video from Spinto Band playing “Muesli” in a Parisian gramophone shop/museum. Don’t forget to get their new album, Cool Cocoon, available February 5th! You can still pre-order at their website.

Video presented by Le Point.fr

Seattle’s own Jetman Jet Team has a kickstarter going to raise money for their album release. This is one of the most perfect pop-noise bands I have heard in a long time. They mixing the right drone and fuzz to blow your ears. Please help this band make their goal…they deserve it. You can download some unreleased songs on bandcamp and follow them on facebook.

Speaking of pop-noised, droning, fuzz and blowing out your ears…My Bloody Valentine, after 20 years, released their new album (FINALLY!). Will it live up to their previous releases (especially Loveless-best album ever)? When you get it let us know what you think! You can buy it here!

It’s all about music for me today but that is ok because it is all amazing music!

By Mandy McGee


Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicegeoff/

Spinto Band’s new album is still available for pre-order and now it is on sale til the end of Wednesday January 30th! Here is the email they sent out to their fans.

"Hello friends,

We are all abuzz here at Spintonic Headquarters, prepping for our imminent return to Europe and the release of Cool Cocoon. Thank-you to everyone who purchased a Special Edition Bundle and/or a Custom Request Video. Both of these items are now SOLD OUT, so if you managed to snag one in time, give yourself a high five.

The album comes out in just over a week, but we released another free track to tide you over til next Tuesday. Listen & download it via this flattering New Yorker article

For 48 hours, we are offering Cool Cocoon for a whopping 33% off! You can pre-order the digital album for just $5.99. Hurry, the sale ends Wednesday night. Order now »
We’ve added some February shows in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Plus, we are headed to Switzerland in March! Keep an eye on spintoband.com for more tour updates. 

We are really excited to release the record next week. If you are too, we would love it if you could help spread the news. Cool Cocoon is an independent release, and we don’t have big bucks to spend on marketing, so your voice really makes a difference.

We’ve made it super-easy to share the free track with your friends…just click here to share it on Facebook, or alternately, click here to share it on Twitter.  

Thanks so much! See you at the record shop.”
- The Spinto Band
This band continues to impress me. They have been together since they were in high school, which was many moons ago. These guys know how to make music. I cannot stress enough how creative and talented they are. If this is your first Spinto Band album I highly recommend getting all their albums….not just because I say they are amazing but because…well…THEY ARE AMAZING! Their website has a store where you can buy directly from them instead of a 3rd party.
So go download the free songs they have available and purchase the new album. You will not regret it. 

By Mandy McGee

Here is a new track from the awesome Spinto Band. Show them some love!

By Mandy McGee

Just when you didn’t think Spinto Band couldn’t get any cooler…here comes their new album “Cool Cocoon”! Pre-order yours now and get some amazing merchandise. One of the most amazing things you could buy is already sold out so hurry up for great deals. 

Just visit Spinto Band’s website for all your pre-order needs. The album comes on on February 5th.

Written by Mandy McGee

The first time I heard Spinto Band was when someone sent me a link to their video for “Oh, Mandy”. That song and band quickly became one of my favourites (for several obvious reasons). Plus that song had my name in it! If anyone knows me they know I have a soft spot for catchy indie pop tunes.

After being introduced to these Wilmington, Delware natives I needed to know more. Spinto Band fit nicely next to The Little Ones, The Headlights, Bishop Allen, Miniture Tigers and Voxtrot in my playlist. I have seen them several times live and they never dissapoint me. Their sweet-poppy-infectious tunes have me dancing and singing along every time. I wish I had met them while I was still living on the east coast and I definately would have seen them many more times live. Despite only getting to see them if I happen to go home to the east for a visit or when they can make it to Seattle, I have kept in touch with them.

Their long awaited new album “Shy Pursuit” is now out, and just like their last two albums it hits my happy cord. If you have been following their updates you would know that a while back they were putting out short clips of them in the recording studio. They took their time at crafting this album the way they wanted, on their terms. They recorded everything themselves in their home studio on their label Spintonic Productions. This album is a little rock, a little jazzy, a little caribbean feeling, pop goodness. The starting track, “Cookie Falls”, has a slight 1960s feel to it, reminiscent to the Beatles. It’s a good start to “Shy Pursuit”. The second track, “Muesli”, changes up to a little more caribbean feel and great rhythms. The next track, “Take It” is one of my favourites on the album and has a great bass line. The video for this song has been out for a little while and just like all of their videos, it is amazing. If you missed my post about it a while ago then go look it up. Another one of my favourites was the track “Leave Yourself Alone” which debuts the voice of guitarist Joey Hobson. I do quite enjoy the voices of Nick Krill and Thomas Hughes, they both have distinct and amazing voices. I was very happy to hear a new refreshing voice that usually only sings backing vocals. I really hope Joey sings more songs in the future.

I am not going to run down every song on the album because you should just go listen to it. Every song on “Shy Pursuit” is slightly different but all the songs flow nicely together.

Photo by Catharine Maloney

Check out more about Spinto Band

Official Spinto Band Site

Spinto Band on Facebook

Follow them on Twitter

Written by Mandy McGee (Quote from Spinto Band)

If you haven’t heard Spinto Band then you are missing out. You should join their mailing list so you can keep up with all the important updates you need to know about the band. Here is an update I received that must be shared. Don’t miss out on some fabulous music just because you were too lazy to click on a link.

Dearest friends,

We’ll get right to the point.

As of THIS VERY MOMENT, our new album Shy Pursuit is available for pre-order at spintoband.com! Pick your format - digital, CD, vinyl, and special blue vinyl (limited edition, only 75 in existence). Plus some very special offers with one-of-a-kind Spinto Band artifacts, and a brand-new T-shirt as well.

See all the goodies in this little video we made:
click here for video

If you want Shy Pursuit, come and get it:

All pre-orders get an instant download of 2 album tracks (Take It and The Living Things) + a live acoustic version of Muesli (wherein Nick tells a fascinating tale about farms and rabbits and spiders). Also, pre-order customers will get an early-bird digital download in April while the rest of the world waits until May 1st.

By the way, when you order through the website, your money goes directly to the band…not Apple, not Amazon, not Wal-Mart. So thank you for your support, we truly appreciate it. Happy pre-ordering!

— The Spinto Band

The Spinto Band was formed in Wilmington, Delaware in the late ’90s but high school friends. They are going to finally follow up their 2008 album, Moonwink, with Shy Pursuit, releasing on May 1st.

Here is a glimpse at their newest video with the song “Take It” from Shy Pursuit, directed by Eric Notarnicola and Daniel Gray Longino.

If you have not heard Spinto Band before I highly recommend them. They have an infectious nerd-pop happy sound. And if you ever get a chance to see them live, GO! They put on an amazing live show.

You can check out more info on them, their tour and music on their offical site.

Check out and subscribe to their You Tube channel.